Two Workout Challenges

Have you been crushing your workouts at your home gym and are ready to kick it up a notch? We might have just the test you need with our Two Workout Challenges. Check out the Videos below.

200 Repetition Workout Challenge

This Workout Challenge consists of 50 repetitions of 4 exercises:
Kettlebell Swing variation
Clean or Snatch
Push Ups
Sit Ups

You can do this in a variety of way, making it as easy or as difficult as you want:

Easy: Perform a few repetitions of one exercise and then move to the next and cycle through them until you complete all 50 repetitions.

Intermediate: Perform all 50 repetitions of one exercise before moving to the next.

Advanced: Add weight to the exercises like the squat or sit up, you can also do cleans or snatches instead of the 2-Arm Swings and go for multiple rounds.

400 Repetition Workout Challenge

This is a 400 Repetition Workout Challenge and here are the exercises:
10 reps – Overhead Press or Pull Ups
15 reps – Kettlebell Squat or Deadlift
25 reps – Push Ups
50 reps – Sit Ups or Alternating Lunges
100 reps – Kettlebell Swing variation, Clean or Snatch
200 reps – Jump Rope

You can do it in any order and for as many rounds as you can handle. If you want an extra challenge, where there are exercise options, try and do both options. Note that we did not do ALL the swing variations; that is where we drew the line.