Two Charity Events for Two Great Causes

Long Cycle Charity Event:

This past October I traveled down to Los Angeles to participate in a one-hour kettlebell long cycle event with Jason Dolby of the Orange Kettlebell Club (OKC) to benefit Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

There were about 20 participants ranging from total kettlebell sport lifting beginners (like myself) to record setting world champions.

When it was all said and done; every single participant completed the 1-hour event and some notable records were established. Sergey Rachinskiy completed 915 repetitions with a 24kg kettlebell and the man who created this wonderful event, Jason Dolby, completed 262 repetitions with TWO 20kg kettlebells.

This truly was a great event for me and a wonderful opportunity to lift with some of the greatest kettlebell lifters in the world and to help Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.  I want to thank you all for your help and support; together we were able to contribute $500 for the LA Children’s Hospital.

This event was so great that it was written up in the local newspaper:

If you are interested in seeing more check out the Facebook fan page for more photos


Kettlebells for San Bruno Charity Event:
As I talked about in a previous article, San Bruno is my hometown and my neighborhood fell victim to an unexpected gas explosion burning 37 homes to the ground and claiming 10 lives.  I hosted a kettlebell workshop going over all the basic kettlebell movements and was able to raise $300 for San Bruno.   If you want to donate to the cause check out the City of San Bruno Website

Thanks for all of your support and help for these two great events.