Training for the Tough Mudder

Two of our gym goers trained extra hard for the Tough Mudder event held at Bear Valley, CA this past October.  With 19 obstacles over a 7mile loop in altitude some serious preparation was needed to complete the task.  Read about how Dr. Ricci Chan trained for the event:

Dr. Ricci Chan tackling one of the many obstacles during the Tough Mudder

I heard about the Tough Mudder event from my brother, Lyman. Back in January, he told me about a 7 mile race with 19 military obstacles to overcome, in mountainous terrain. It was a team event and he needed me to be part of the team. The Event was held at Bear Valley Ski Resort in October.  My first thought was, “Are you kidding!” I am not in shape to run a race this challenging. But after two months of encouragement from my brother, I said yes. I would like to share with you my personal experience at the Tough Mudder Event.

My training began in April at Rise Above Gym, with my Wednesday night groupies. The training expanded to Friday training sessions with the police group and running the para course in Redwood shores. By September I was running the sandy trails and climbing over bunkers at Fort Funston, climbing rope ladders at Golden Gate Park and a mile steep hill runs in Redwood City with my fellow teammates, Lyman and Javier. I knew I was ready for the Tough Mudder after competing in Doug’s 2nd year anniversary Tough Man competition.

All in a Days Work

The goal of the Tough Mudder Event is about building Team Morale, it is about Team- Work and it is about Camaraderie. Without the support of my teammates, I would never have completed the event four minutes ahead of the course time. The atmosphere at the Mudder is exhilarating with everyone jazzed and ready for the challenges. The course is well planned and set up.  The free beer at the end, along with the great band makes the taste of completion that much sweeter.

The core training with Doug and AJ will get anyone ready for the Tough Mudder race and your teammates will help you finish. I would like thank every one for your support and hope to hear about your experience at the Tough Mudder Event.

Enjoying a cold beverage after the event