Working out at RISE ABOVE was one of the best things I have done to improve my athletic performance. By using the muscle confusion techniques and the metabolic exercises implemented by the RISE ABOVE staff, I won, hands down, the "Bulldogs Strongest Man - Linemen Division" award at the College of San Mateo my Sophomore year. For anyone looking to significantly improve their athletic performance, I highly recommend training with Doug and AJ.
Anthony Bizzarro
College Of San Mateo, Bulldog Football
As a professional triathlete I never knew how important strength training was as part of my sport. Once I started working with Doug I started feeling the strongest I have ever felt. As a more seasons athlete this workout became one of my KEY workouts for the week. Doug developed a strength program that was movement specific so I could feel the benefit when driving myself swimming, biking and running. I will absolutely keep this as part of my training. I love it.
Gina Kehr
Professional Triathlete: IRONMAN
Doug was an integral part of my summer strength and conditioning program that prepared me for my first year of collegiate soccer. I began the summer with very limited knowledge of a weight room and quickly became well prepared for the strength and conditioning rigors of a Division 1 college soccer program. Doug's assortment of programs also got me in peak physical condition and allowed me to have a successful start to my soccer career at Dartmouth.
Bryan Giudicelli
Dartmouth Men's Soccer
I have known Doug Fioranelli for a long time - a really long time. He is one of the most stand-up guys I know, and without a doubt one of the best trainers in the Bay Area. I was already a good competitive athlete when Doug began mentoring me back in late 2001, but he taught me how to actually train like and elite athlete. Thanks Doug!
Eric Hansen, USAW, CSCS
US Fencing National Team
I really feel like the training I have been receiving at RISE ABOVE has translated to more explosive strength and quickness. I need this for work and being 35, I need all I can get. Thanks AJ and Doug.
Mark Alifano
Redwood City PD
As a firefighter and active individual I can truly say that no workout that I have ever done has allowed me to honestly improve my overall functional strength and balance as much as RISE ABOVE. Years of lying on a bench in a gym or climbing a Stairmaster have kept me in shape but I never really made any substantial gains. I feel better than I ever have and now realize that I can get a legitimate workout in a short amount of time that yields better results than anything I have ever done. Thanks Doug
Nick Gracia
Daly City Firefighter
RISE ABOVE has helped me reached my goals, both short term and long; working with Doug in a nontraditional way. The way he mixes up the routines and his passion for fitness has inspired me to continue reaching for higher goals day in and day out. My body has changed completely from a fit collegiate soccer player to a lean triathlete with Doug's help. :)
Morghan King
NDNU Soccer Player
I have been an athlete for most of my life and I have never seen faster overall results than I have going to RISE ABOVE. The variety of each class makes the program fun, challenging, and it keeps me coming back for more. My stamina, strength, speed and agility have improved dramatically. This is exactly the type of program I have been looking for!
Breanne Feudale, Crossfit Athlete
2009 NorCal Qualifiers Finished 3rd
Third Degree Black Belt TaekwonDo, Kukkiwon Korea
I have known Doug for a long time. He is a great Coach and Motivator. If you are looking to get yourself into great physical fight condition, stay in or get into shape, Or just bring your game to another level in any sport you play, Look no further!
Ollie Reich
Black Belt Brazilian Jiujitsu
Rey Diogo Carlson Gracie Team
As a high school athlete, I trained with Doug in order to participate successfully in football and lacrosse programs. Before I graduated in 2007, I met with him several times a week to get ready for basic training. Joining the Army was a personal choice, and I wanted to spend my life and career serving this nation. My profession demands that I stay in top physical condition, and Doug was there to help me reach my goals. One of my favorite quotes states, "The first requisite for success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem incessantly without growing weary." Doug is always ready to take on that challenge and he is definitely capable of bringing you to that level.
John Haynes
US Army
The intensity of the Friday morning workout with PD guys can't be matched. AJ is a diabolical man whose creative workouts make me feel like a true athlete. I have nightmares about flipping their 250+ lb tire and "The Prowler," but there's no other gym that comes close to the intensity that I'm looking for in my workouts. AJ's workouts define mental toughness.
Alex Gross
San Mateo PD
I worked with Doug through the spring of 2008 with the goal of passing the minimum physical requirements for admission to the United States Military Academy. I had a tight schedule and was recovering from an injury, but by working with him, I passed the test with flying colors. I look forward to showing up to the academy and taking on a plethora of intense physical challenges.
Matt Fitzgerald
Menlo-Atherton High School
USMA 2013
RISE ABOVE PERFORMANCE TRAINING has such a great atmosphere. If you're looking for a place where you will be pushed to your limits not only physically but mentally, then this is the place. The people over at RISE ABOVE not only make you work your a$$ off, but also make it extremely enjoyable at the same time. In addition to the great environment, Doug really knows his stuff and will put you on the right track to help you achieve your goals.
Bradley Martyn
As a working actor it is not only important to look your best but have a strong and durable body. A common misconception regarding actors is setting up a workout regime to solely target a certain "look" or "aesthetic." However, I find it extremely important to be in peak physical condition at all times. With rehearsals and performances, day after day, night after night, the stamina needed can be overwhelming. In fact, only recently have movies such as, 300, depict the rigorous training that some roles require. For that purpose, I train at RISE ABOVE. Not only do I get the "look" I am trying to achieve, but my body stays strong and durable. As I do still play sports and remain active, Doug's training caters to my already competitive nature. Moreover, I go to any audition knowing that if there are any physical requirements to land a part, I will always be more prepared than the next guy.
Steve Bologna
Actor | Email
The pain that Doug and RISE ABOVE put me through in the gym helps me to inflict the pain on the mat in BJJ.
Billy Vella
Brazilian Jiujitsu
Rey Diogo Carlson Gracie Team
485 Box Sqaut x 2reps
Xavier finished 6th out of 48 teams at Ranger challenge. On the APFT I ran a 12:46 2 mile, 75 pushups and 79 situps. When I started training with Doug I could only do 25 push-ups. Once again, thanks Doug for the training and teaching me how to work out correctly.
Conrad Leugers
Xavier University - Cincinnati, Ohio
Menlo-Atherton High School '09