Strong 101 Seminar Review Day 1

Mike Rojas of Strong 101 really knows how to make the people who come down to his gym feel right at home.  His 2,500 sq.ft. facility tucked away in Riverside CA. can motivate anyone who walks into the doors, getting them to want to train and want to train hard.

Nothing too fancy at this gym one weight tree, two squat racks, tires, slosh pipes, slosh balls, kegs, battle ropes, prowlers, and a ton of dumbbells, kettlebells and space to work.

My buddy Aj and I got down there one day early, on Friday, so we could check out the place and workout with Mike, Matt Holmes of and two of Mike’s boys Manny and Dieter.

After we warmed up we started out with some tire flipping. I got to learn the finer points of lifting a tire, especially a heavy tire.  I had to tweak my current technique a bit because the tire at my gym is not very heavy (250lbs) and my current technique was not going to cut it for Mike’s 450lbs.+ tire.

The workout was a strength free-for-all.  Matt was working the 10ft. peg board getting to the top so he could sign his name in victory.  Aj, Manny and Dieter were doing overhead farmer walks with a 65lb keg filled with water and Mike and I tried several attempts to do a pull up with “The Beast.”  I got very close but I will not count it because I had to crane my neck over the bar a bit, next time.

We took our work outside since it was over 70 degrees and did some work on the Prowler. It seemed like we did low handles only and for a long way, needless to say my left quad had a knot the size of a baseball forming inside.  Just when we though we were done Matt had the great idea of doing some Prowler Drag Races, thanks Matt.  Great day of training, went back to the hotel, ate stretched and got ready for the seminar the next day.

Stay tuned for Day 2.