Resistance Band Training

I received a question as to how I uses the bands in my strength and conditioning protocols for our athletes.  Band work is great and can be used for several different modalities.

I like bands for gaining more joint mobility and flexibility.  You can use them intermittently in your training programs or during the warm ups.  I have made two band warm up videos in the past:

Band Lowerbody Warm Up

Band Upperbody Warm Up

Bands can also be used to strengthen an injured muscle group.  When I tore my trap and one of my arm muscles I exclusively used bands the first few weeks of training to get my strength and mobility back.  If a muscle or movement bothers you, the band is also a good tool to work around joint pain or a muscle injury, by strengthening around the area it will help support and protect the injured area.

At the Elite Training Workshop I learned a few new band movements from Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz and Mark Bell of Super Training Gym showed me a great band exercise to help my leg abduction strength for my squats.

Check out my latest video below to see them.