Quick Tips – Single Leg RDL (part 2)

Arguably my favorite unilateral exercise that checks a lot of boxes for the trainee; leg strength, enhanced balance, hip extension, core stability and the list goes on and on.

In the first part of our Single Leg RDL Quick Tip Series we demonstrated the Hip Hinge, Staying on you Own Side and Getting Long.

In this 2nd Part we are going over four more tips, check them out below.

Get Tight

In the Single Leg RDL (Romanian Deadlift) we want to focus on getting tight. Along with our three previous tips; we want to have a tight grip and tense up the body while moving to be more stable and balanced.

How Low Do You Go?

How much range of motion (ROM) do you need in a Single Leg RDL? Going to the floor in not mandatory. nor the goal. You want to go as low as comfortable while maintaining stability and form. Usually mid-shin is where people start to feel the “stretch” in their hamstrings and that is a pretty good indicator that you are at a good bottom point.

How Maintain your Balance in a Single Leg RDL

Are you having trouble keeping your balance in a Single Leg RDL? If you pause with tension at a particular point where you feel you are going to lose your balance; it will help your body get comfortable in the position and learn to be comfortable and stabilize there.