Quick Tips – Single Leg RDL (part 1)

Arguably my favorite unilateral exercise that checks a lot of boxes for the trainee; leg strength, enhanced balance, hip extension, core stability and the list goes on and on.

In this first part of our Single Leg RDL Quick Tip Series I have three videos covering the most important parts to get you started.

Hinge, Don’t Squat

Probably the most common error to is perform a type of squat during the exercise. When you do a Single Leg RDL the focus should be on the hip hinge execution by essentially only creasing at the hips and not dropping them at any point of the exercise.

Stay on Your Own Side

Focusing on alignment is essential for a successful Single Leg RDL. You want to keep everything on its own side as to not crossover and twist your body up and lose balance.

Get Long

Along with our two previous tips above; we want to extend the rear leg to distribute the weight and create more balance.