Quick Tips – Progress Towards Pull Ups (part 2)

Hopefully you were able to put some of the Quick Tips from the First Series into play and have made nice progress.

We are now going to finalize the series with three more tips to get you towards pull up perfection.

Use Eccentrics

Eccentrics are simply lowering your body slowly during the pull ups. This builds strength and control by increasing the time the muscles are under tension. If you can’t do many pull-ups you can jump up to the top position and slowly lower your body, under control, back to the starting position. Repeat for a few reps but be warned that this type of training can make you very sore and doing too much can lead to overuse injuries like elbow tendinitis.

Use Different Grips

Once you get a few pull ups under your belt start training them in different ways by using a variety of different hand positions. Whether you call it “muscle confusion” or training the movement at different joint angles, it will lead to stronger results.

Add Some Weight

Once you get the Pull Ups down, try adding some weight to make you stronger and able to knock out more bodyweight repetitions