Quick Tips – Progress Towards Pull Ups (part 1)

Oh the Pull Up. We probably all have a love/hate relationship with them as they are arguably the best bang-for-the-buck upper body exercise but getting better at them, whether just starting out or after a long layoff, can be a huge hill to climb

In this first part of our Pull Up Quick Tip Series I have four videos covering the most important parts to make that journey down the rocky road a bit more smooth.

Start with the Body Row

The first thing we need to work on Is building up the back muscles for strength and endurance using different types of row variations.

Use a Proper Grip

Proper grip is foundation to building strong pull ups. Learn how to get it right.

Use the “C” Pull

In this video we go over the proper motion of a pull up. It is not simply pulling the body straight up; you want to make a “C” motion.

Use Band Assistance

Time to give you a little boost. Whether if you can’t do any pull ups currently or you want to squeeze out a few more repetitions with good form; using a band on your foot or knee for assistance is a great way to do this.