Quick Tips – Lunges (part 1)

I always say there are a hundred way to cook a lunge because of variety of ways to do them are only limited by our imaginations. Lunges are a great, versatile exercise but there are movement basics that need to be mastered to make them effective.

In this first part of our Lunge Quick Tip Series I have three videos covering the most important parts to get you started.

How to Set Up

Having trouble getting into the proper position for lunges and split squats so you don’t hurt your knees? Give this quick tip of setting up in the 90/90 position and get on the correct path.

How Much Lunge Range of Motion Do You Need?

How much range of motion (ROM) should you have in a lunge or split squat? It does depend on a few factors, however, with healthy joints and muscles there is a general distance we like to see traveled. Check out the video on what to look out for.

Is it OK for the Shin to Travel Forward in a Lunge?

Is it “OK” for the shin of the front leg to travel forward during a lunge or split squat? Check out the video to hear my thoughts.