Quick Tips – How to do the Turkish Get Up (part 1)

I know you have seen them, The Turkish Get Up, and either thought they look too difficult or are just used as a late night party trick. Either way, we are here to take the mystery and complexity out of this exercise and get you to be the person people remember at the party.”

In this first part of our Turkish Get Up Quick Tip Series I have four videos covering the most important parts to get you started.

Nothing is Mandatory

In this first video, I explain that Nothing is Mandatory, meaning you DO NOT have to perform the full Get Up right out of the gate as each part is a skill in of itself nor must you use a kettlebell. Bodyweight, a sandbag or dumbbells are perfectly suitable for this exercise. You simply need to find the one that is appropriate for you.

Orbit Around the Weight

In this video I explain that the weight should be stable and you are basically moving your body, or orbiting, around the weight as it should not move too much.

Get Good at the Sit Up

To be successful you have to start strong, so get good with the first part of the get up; the Sit Up. The video below shows just how to do that.

Take it to the Bridge

It’s important to establish a good bridge position and I endorse the high bridge. Check out the video and learn how.