Quick Tips – Dumbbell Chest Exercises

Chest exercises are found in virtually every weight training program.  Using dumbbells is  great way to add exercise variety to help you reach your goals.  In these four Quick Tip videos I go over techniques of these variations to get the most out of your exercises. 

How Low to Go in a Dumbbell Chest Press

How low should you go in a dumbbell chest press? In this video I give my opinion and how to know how low you should go when you train by yourself.

How to do Chest Flyes

Dumbbell chest flyes are a great chest muscles builder and a shoulder joint stabilizer. They can be tricky to set up and execute especially if you do not have someone watching you. If this quick tip video we go over the simple way to set up and execute the dumbbell chest flyes.

How to Get Proper Alignment for Chest Flyes

Dumbbell chest flyes can be tricky to set up. One are can be straighter, move lower or even be higher up the body than the other. If you want to get alignment quickly; I recommend using a band and performing the chest flyes. The band allows you to visually see the relationship between each of the arms and their alignment. Perform few warm up repetitions with the band making the proper adjustments and then you will be dialed in and ready for the dumbbells.

Floor Press

A few thoughts on the floor press and how to set it up and execute.