Quick Tips – Bench Press

Arguably the most popular exercise in peoples’ programs, especially if you are a high school male athlete, is the bench press.

The exercise holds great value but it has to be performed correctly or else it does more harm than good. Use these quick tips to help iron out your technique and put yourself on the path toward success.

How to Set Up Your Feet

Believe it or not, your feet play a very important roll in bench press success. If you set them up correctly to create both stability and tension you will have a much stronger bench press.

You Must Stabilize your Shoulders

It is important to have a stable platform for bench press safety and success. Stabilizing your shoulders is a must and here is how to do it.

Don’t Let your Chest Sink

When the bar comes down keep your chest up to meet the bar during the bench press for maximum stability and safety.

How Much Should You Arch?

How much should you arch during the bench press, the answer is it depends. If you are not a lifting athlete then the arch should be more natural based off the positioning of the body from the foot, shoulder and chest set up.