My Take on the Michael Phelps Saga

As the week progressed more of the story unfolded, punishment was dished out, and a statement made, I must say that I thought everything turned out appropriately for Michael Phelps.

I know a lot of pundits have mentioned that “the incident was not a big deal.”  Maybe it is maybe it isn’t I am not here to judge him, all  I know is that the “cons” of being a famous athlete came out.  Along with the fame, glory, and endorsements comes the life under a microscope.  Seems like there are people constantly there to see if you make that one little slip up and they are quick to call you on it.

It is crazy to think that the line of infamy runs so closely parallel to the one of fame, and it is so easy to cross over and hard to come back.  The direction your travel between lines is also predicated by the idea that being one of the best athletes in the world makes you a roll model.  Is Phelps a great athlete?  Yes.  A good person?  Most likely.  A good roll model  maybe, maybe not.

In my opinion I think that if the rest of us were blessed with talent like his and achieved the same success, we would most likely do something that the public would look down upon so Phelps is no different than us in a social setting. When someone is young and thrusted into a situation of extreme social responsibility, it is very easy to live in the moment for yourself and not think about the millions watching your every move.

Much like Spiderman the famous athlete falls under burden of “with great power comes great responsibilities,” and too bad it is forced upon the athlete because even small slip ups can keep you from doing the things you like to do and also cut into you livelihood.

One night out with some extra curricular activities earned him a 3 month ban and his Kellog’s contract done at the end of the month, and what did Phelps do?  He said “it was fair.”  Instead of complaining or make excuses he took his punishment and looks like he is moving on in a more positive direction.

Michael Phelps might not be the best role model in the world but the way he handled the situation suggests that he is on the right path to being one.