Just a Simple Plan is All I Ask

I still work at a commercial gym a few hours a week to make ends meet and to be with the clients that have stuck with me through thick and thin throughout the years. Today was a holiday (MLK) and I should have thought twice about going into work.

It was 10am and there was not a 10lb dumbbell to be seen. The gym was packed with the usual soccer moms however they brought along their bread winning other halves today and man it was a site to see. I am not one to knock people too much because I feel that just getting into the gym shows some guts, even at an upscale local gym, however I might have to revoke that last statement for some because guts might have been replaced by complete absentmindedness. I am not necessarily talking about the guys who use the squat rack to do their 45lb bicep curls I am talking about the guys, for whatever reason, seemed to have the followed the hypnotic movements of some Lululemon pants or the sounds of the new Brittney Spears tune “you’re a womanizer, womanizer, womanizer” (you get the picture) and ended up lost in a sea of people in the weight room.

I must have asked three queasy looking guys today “are you OK?” All of them had some answer about how they were lost, zoning out, or thinking about what to do. Just by looking at them I fully understood and accepted their answers.

Too many people just float around the weight room of life without a plan and expect to get something out of it. Sure you might get sore or lucky every once in a while but those things are short lived. The long term results only show when you have a long term plan. The funny thing is, is that these guys know it. I am sure every other part of their lives, especially their professional careers, has a plan and some structure striving towards a goal and that is why they are successful.

So no real powerful insight here just the reiteration that having a plan and sticking to it when it comes to exercise and training can make a huge difference in the results you see and it will also make you look a lot more confident when you are in the weight room.  Remember even if you don’t have a plan at least try to walk around with a confident look like you do so I will not feel inclines to write about you in my blog.