Get the Most Out of Your Workouts

We are about two-thirds into the year; the New Year’s resolution are long lost, summer is fading fast and those dreaded winter holiday months are coming. Now is the time when our workout routine can start to become a little bit harder to maintain.

The following article gives some suggestions to get you back in the gym, back on track and get the same results you were when you started the new year.

Set Specific Goals:

Everyone should have goals; both short term and long term. The goals should be very specific, challenging yet attainable and something you strongly desire. Telling yourself; I want to lose weight is not a very concrete goal. It is better to say I want to lose 27 pounds by my birthday in 6 months; the latter is specific and more focused.

After you decide on a goal, ask yourself why you want to achieve that goal. If you do not have a strong emotional attachment tied into that goal then the chances of obtaining it is small.

Goals should be written down and put into daily view; this way they are always kept in focus.

Have a Plan:

After you have your specific goal then it is time to have a plan of execution; do you know how to get there? If you do not have any clues then hire a fitness professional to help you out. If you go to them with your specific goal, time frame and a reasonable amount of time you can dedicate towards it, then your trainer can make you a plan to get you there. All you need to do is follow it.

Find a Training Partner:

Misery loves company but so does success. When you are training with other people with similar goals you are much more likely to achieve long-term success than if you were training alone. Partners provide training accountability, motivation and support all of which are ingredients for success.

Relishing the Small Victories:

Though your primary focus is the main goal you set for yourself; it is very important to realize and celebrate all of the milestones you reach along the way. If your main goal is to lose 27lbs. you first have to lose 5lbs, then 10lbs. etc. If you are too focused and worried about the whole 27lbs. and do not recognize and be proud of the milestones reached alone the way; you can grow more stressed, frustrated and lead yourself down the road of failure.

Do Exercises You Dislike:

There are not too many people that I know of who like to do lunges, but you know what? Lunges are a great way to train your legs individually and are effective in building leg strength and they keep your knee joints strong and healthy. I am sure you can think of many more exercises that you do not like, however those might just be the right exercises to get the job done. Much like eating broccoli, it might not be your favorite thing to add into your life, but it offers a huge benefit to your strength and overall health. Who knows, you might feel so good that you will actually start to like lunges and maybe even broccoli.

There you have five ways to get yourself back on track and primed for success. Now go out and train hard.