Fifth Annual One-Hour Long Cycle Charity Event

It’s been five years since the One-Hour Long Cycle Charity Event has been taking place and I am proud to have been a participant all four years running and to see this event grow each year.

If you do not know the history behind the event, Jason Dolby of the Orange Kettlebell Club (OKC) decided five years ago that he wanted to celebrate his birthday in epic fashion by combining three things he loves most in this world: lifting kettlebells, his friends and family and helping out those who need it most.

Over the five years this event has gone from 19 lifters in Southern California at the First Long Cycle Charity event, to over 200 lifters, and 30 satellite locations in 2013.

This year Jason teamed up with Kettlebells4Autism (KB4A) and, once again pulled off an even bigger and better event. This years’ event included participants from 15 countries and 71 satellite locations. Over 760 lifters took part worldwide and more than $36,000 was raised for the chosen autism beneficiary, Association for Science in Autism Treatment.


Each year this event brings people together for all the right reason; our common love for fitness, charities that need support from willing and able donators and a family-like atmosphere. With these ingredients I should not be surprised by how much this event grows each year with people’s desire to be a part of it. I am also impressed by the unique bit of magic that the event produces each year whether it is the accomplishment of an individual goal or the bonding between athletes and their teams.

When I get lost in the hour of long cycle I think about all the different participants from all over the world that are gathered at the same time (some at 3am), all commonly lifting to bring awareness to the charity but also lifting for own individual goals and concurring a challenge.

Some lift to see if they can get through it, like I did in my first year. Some lift to do something no other human being has done before by breaking a record, like Jason Dolby did last year by pulling off one of the biggest strength feats I have ever witnessed by doing the whole hour with two 24kg (53lbs.) kettlebells for 154 reps. Some just want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.


Going into the fifth year I knew I could finish the hour long lifting solo having done it for four years in a row. With the satellite location being so close to the gym, my goal this year was to get a few Rise Above members, going beyond their generous donations, to participating in the event itself.

My goal was realized and we had three other lifters along with myself completed the hour and shared in the wonderful experience. Big congratulations to Debra and Lee for being the dynamic duo and completing the hour with the 16kg kettlebell switching every two minutes.

Also congrats to Carolyn for going solo with the 8kg kettlebell, she did so well that I can see her with the 12kg next year.


One again I feel blessed to have members from the gym participate with me and get to experience this event. I am also very proud of the support we received from Rise Above Performance Training members and their generous donations. You all came through and helped raise over twelve hundred dollars to help support KB4A; I want to thank you all for your support and generosity towards this cause.

I am thankful there are people out there like Jason Dolby to use their gifts to help inspire and heal others. I am also thankful there are people like you, the Rise Above Performance Training members who didn’t hesitate to help out and support.

I cannot wait until next year to participate in the event again and I hope you all are inspired to participate as well.