First Responder Training

We are dedicated to providing you with the best performance training designed to complement your occupational demands and challenge your physical and mental capacities.  Whether you are looking to increase your strength and endurance on the job or pass your physical examinations for the police firefighter or military academies; we are here to help.

We offer several classes throughout the week which are considered small group circuit training constructed on the physical demands that the first responder must face in the line of duty.  We change up the workouts each class using a variety of different training equipment including traditional weights, kettlebells, core work and unconventional exercises.

The classes are an hour in length and are small in numbers with the average being five people.  These small classes ensure that you receive the highest level of instruction and the appropriate progressions that are right for you.

We keep the class working together however the small group aspect allows for some variability of exercises to accommodate for current skill level and any minor injuries that one person might have.


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