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    The 103lb Push up Challenge

    Finishing the day’s workout with a 103 lb push up challenge. Two 20lb chains, Four 7lb chains and a 35lb plate. Five reps each all the way down to body weight for a total of 40 reps.

  • Synergy Strength Seminar Video Review

    Here is the video review of the Synergy Strength Seminar on February 21st, 2009 in Southern California. Enjoy!

  • Strong 101 Seminar Review Day 2

    Part two of my review of the Strong 101 seminar

  • Strong 101 Seminar Review Day 1

    A review of the Strong 101 seminar in Riverside California on February 21, 2009. We learned a lot from Matt Holmes of Body synergy and Mike Rojas of Strong 101

  • My First Semi Truck Pull

    Last weekend I went to a strength seminar at Strong 101 in Riverside California. When we were there I got to try a little strongman training and pull a 23,000lb truck. Check…

  • My Take on the Michael Phelps Saga

    As the week progressed more of the story unfolded, punishment was dished out, and a statement made, I must say that I thought everything turned out appropriately for Michael Phelps. I know…


    My [Mini] Seminar and the 80/20 Rule

    Today I had one of my first real speaking experiences outside of college where I could really talk about the area of life I am most interested in, exercise and strength training.…

  • Just a Simple Plan is All I Ask

    I still work at a commercial gym a few hours a week to make ends meet and to be with the clients that have stuck with me through thick and thin throughout…

  • Strength Training and Your Teeth

    Six months comes by too quickly when you realize that you have to go to the dentist. Don’t get me wrong, I like my dentist and it took me years of jumping…

  • Another One Bites the Dust

    This past week I had to deal with a problem that I had never had to deal with before and I think I only had to deal with because of the profession…