Another One Bites the Dust

This past week I had to deal with a problem that I had never had to deal with before and I think I only had to deal with because of the profession I’m in.


I train some pretty big guys and one of them was in the bathroom as I was setting up the gym for the workout.  A few minutes pass and I got worried.  I called out to see if he was all right and he blasts the door open and with a chuckle he says, “Doug, you gotta come in here and check this out.”  Without hesitation I declined because I never want to hear that phrase come out of someone who just used the bathroom.  “No you have to see this, it is not what you think.”  I declined again but after his third request and my annoyance meter at full tilt I went in there.  Low-and-behold I looked at the toilet and there it was…another cracked toilet seat.


As my athlete laughed in a way that conveyed just how proud he was in his accomplishment, I thought to myself, “how did this happen again?”  Yes again!  I have never cracked a toilet seat nor have I ever seen a cracked toilet seat until I opened my gym, the real crazy thing was that this was the second cracked seat in the last three months.


As I told my athlete that historical fact this he seemed a little less triumphant in his mood when he realized that he was not the first to do this.  We looked at the seat and the bowl trying to figure out why this happened and how to prevent it.  We were not sure but my guy pointed out that maybe it cracked berceuse there were only two support spacers on the bottom towards the front of the seat, which might cause it to sag in the backend when a 240lb guy sis on it.  This sounded like a plausible theory so I went out to Orchard Supply Hardware in search of a four-support seat to see if that stifles the problem.

Today as I watched the NFL wild card playoff games I was thinking to myself; “I wonder how many toilet seats these guys have broke in their gyms?”

Bring in the reinforcements when you have someone like this training with you
Bring in the reinforcements when you have someone like this training with you