Adding Some Strength Circuits into Your Workouts

One training style I have incorporated into my current programs after having success with many of my clients, are the use of strength circuits. I have found these circuits to compliment traditional strength training nicely by:

  • · Training muscular endurance (conditioning) that many sports and some jobs require
  • · Training movements in a quick and power producing manner (explosive strength)
  • · Allowing clients of varying strength levels can all train the same exercises and use different weight
  • · Being a great opportunity for adding kettlebell, sandbags, sled drags, and odd object exercises

I generally structure strength circuits by using 5-6 balanced exercises consisting of;

  • · Pressing movement
  • · Pulling movement
  • · Double leg moment
  • · Single leg movement
  • · Abdominal training

These exercises are set up in stations and done for either reps or time. Obviously you will be using weight that is much less than what you could do in a traditional strength training session.

Here is a very simple sample workout:

Circuit I: Three Rounds

Round 1: 12 reps, Round 2: 10 reps, Rounds 3: 8 reps

K.Bell Sumo DL

Bar Inverted Rows

Abdominal V-Ups

D. Bell Chest Press

D. Bell (Static) Lunge

Standing [Band] Tricep Extensions

Circuit II: Three Rounds Round

1 min Each Round

Jump Rope

K.Bell 2-Arm Swings

Sandbag Cleans

D. Bell Row

Front Plank

D. Bell Curl and Press

This workout is just one of MANY combinations you can come up with for an effective strength circuit program. Try it out, tell me what you think, and tell me about a strength circuit workout you have used.