90-Day Challenge Winner: Kristen

Kristen is the type of person that trainers enjoy because she works hard and is willing to learn and try different training methods. This 90-Day challenge was perfect for her and together we came up with a plan to help her achieve all her goals. She quickly realized that like life, training can ebb and flow but with a little patience, focus and persistence you can succeed.

Kristen’s Interview:

Give us the cliff note version of who you are.

My name is Kristen. I am 33 years, married to a firefighter and blessed with two healthy girls.  For the past eleven years I have worked as an elementary school teacher and next school year will be starting my career as an administrator. I love being active and getting in a good-hard workout (especially at Rise Above).

You chose some challenging goals to accomplish during the 90 days.  What were they?

  1. 3 pull ups (although Doug said 3, I was set on doing 2)
  2. Push-ups with 40 pounds of the dreaded chains. My goal was to work towards the Rise Above Women’s record.
  3. Then on about day 80 I had Doug show me how to do a pistol squat and decided for myself that I would add that to my list and try for one clean pistol squat on each leg.
She went from zero to 3 pull ups

Why did you choose those goals in particular?

I couldn’t do a single pull up. I thought the push-ups with the chains looked fun and cool at the same time. The pistol seemed impossible and the process of learning and practicing was just funny and made me laugh. Overall, I just like a good challenge that I can set my mind on and focus.

How did you accomplish them?

Really, it was a combo of Doug’s torture, weight loss, lots of practice, and just plain diligence.

What were the most challenging aspects of your training?

As for training, every part of my training with Doug is challenging, so that’s sort of a trick question! I had a mental block about doing a pull-up so I put a pull-up bar in my hallway at home and that helped me get over the intimidation.  Towards the end it was challenging because I knew I was getting close, but wasn’t sure how close.

Were you confident throughout the 90 days or were their moments when you thought you may not achieve your goals?

Right away I was thinking that these goals are way too high, so I started out not confident but hopeful. I trust Doug, so I knew that with persistence I would get there, and I am good at being persistent.  Overall, I had moments of doubtfulness and moments of confidence, and all of the other moments I was just focused on the goal and how much time I had left!


What advice would you give others who have jobs, kids and/or busy lives and find it hard to find time for themselves to train and be healthy?

I am a busy, working mom of two and I have four bits of advice:

1. Plan it into your day! It doesn’t need to be long; a 20-minute run is perfect. I feel that I gain more time after I workout because I have more energy to give to my family and kids.

2. I draw 7 boxes on my kitchen chalkboard at the beginning of the week. I work all week to check those boxes one at a time each time I workout. Just this little check system keeps me motivated and focused. It feels great to check a box right after a hard workout!

3. Learn how to use kettlebells, (I suggest learning from Doug). Then get one or two at home paired with a stopwatch, and you are set!!

4. Nothing tastes as sweet as being fit feels. This one took me a long time to realize, but I promise, it’s true!

Doing push ups reps with 40lbs. of chains

Now that the challenge is over, do you have other goals you would like to accomplish?

I want to keep improving on my pull-ups and push-ups (with chains), and I want to work towards getting on the Rise Above Record Board!

Let’s say you are taking a much needed vacation for one week.  If you had to choose one piece of training equipment what would it be?

A kettlebell of course (and my running shoes)! The challenge would be deciding which one to bring.

Just for fun she knocked out a 3 pistols each side